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For anyone who is wondering, Wednesday became 'black Wednesday' for me because I cannot draw mid-week!
In fact I'm sure the rainforests mourn Wednesday too by the amount of paper I tear through in frustration... so this is a blog for all who know what like it is to regularly shout at their pencils
Oh yes it's also all about fictional characters plus interviews with them, yeah, that too :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lukas Graye (again)

Revamped version of our beloved Luke Graye; unchanged in personality he insists we revise his portrait as often as our skills improve. Did we mention his insane vanity? Or general insanity?

If we didn’t it may have been because the staff fell over themselves a few times before completing this.
After a several questions it is clear that Lukas is still sadistic, malevolent and depraved as ever. Only a twisted mind would answer favourite hobby as, ‘genetic manipulation and the expansion of the mind.’ Mostly because we assume this expansion comes at the cost of a few unwilling ‘subjects’ or worse, ‘creations,’ that we dare not imagine.

So I guess the only question left is do gods of death wear shirts?
-          Apparently not.

Evyn Graye

Evan Graye is 5ft 8in tall and appears to be 27 years old. Two years younger than his brother Luke, Evan has a long list of well-documented and notable scientific achievements.

His name has undergone a slight alteration to the spelling of ‘Evyn’
and in a few smaller communities he is known as ‘Elwyn.’  

Evyn considers himself as a realist who seeks to repair the world to its former state. He strives to cure the ill-afflicted and seeks to restore humanity to his vision of what once was.
A fellow scientist and mathematician he is at loggerheads with Lukas. Evyn believes his own causes are chaste and undeniably just; he purifies that which Lukas corrupts.

In person Evyn is warm and agreeable. He is undoubtedly of a very high intellect and does not talk down to those of lesser understanding. He is calm, patient and meticulous. We like him but cannot deny he comes off as too condescendingly sweet. We conclude that Evyn is much like a very rich dessert; he’s great for two or three spoonful’s but trying to ingest all he has to say will only cause indigestion. 

His biggest flaw is underestimating his own ego.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Si’Raeemai, or Si’Ra as he is more commonly known, is the polite third part of our once mercenary trio alongside Argo Reed and the ever-effervescent Charrock.  Currently an annulled member of the trio and spurned by his old master Xio (it’s a long story) Si’Ra is a lone man for hire. He takes small freelance jobs from the likes of Ezra Canzerth and Amber Aarona and often frequents her ‘hidden’ dwelling in Tyne canyon. 

He is polite to a fault and strongly believes in the etiquette of business conduct.

 At 5ft 9in tall and 31yrs of age Si’Ra is a successful mercenary whose will is as sturdy as his thickened skin. Whilst morally correct as an individual Si’Ra has no problem switching tack to complete a task. He has killed many men on demand and done unspeakable things on request. Si’Ra sees it merely as his job and does not connect his work to his personality.

A stickler for details and formalities it is rare he will call you by your first name. This is born in part from the naming system used by the Felid but also because Si’Ra is one stubborn cat.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


This image is deceptive as both Jet and Lire are the same height, they are both 6ft 7in tall and 19 yrs old with a few distinct differences.

Jet knows Lire better than anyone, yet, his knowledge of the selcouth type of Lycanthrope is still limited. Their opinions differ vastly. Jet is cool, calm and collected whilst Lire is instinctive, violent and obtuse.

Being an oddity amongst his already limited race Lire is difficult to define. He has only one black shape into which he can transform, but unlike those Lycan’s who share semblance with animals, such as those called werewolves, Lire has no definitive. He is able to protrude spines from his body wherever he pleases. His lengthy tail could even be considered a long spine. These spines have no bones.

It is true he has only one physical form, yet this form is not limited like other Lycan’s. He is a powerful being, most other creatures fear his Lycan form; it is swift, deft and if he’s in a sour mood it can be unrelenting. He is possibly everything that Jet is not. Lire’s biggest setback is a lack of self-control. Without boundaries Lire has the potential to wreak havoc on everything Jet holds close to his heart.

From an interviewer’s point of view, seeing this null-eyed black skinned atrocity in the flesh is enough to send shivers down any reasonable person’s spine. Knowing he lacks control in his actions only makes matters worse.
Lire clearly understands language but appears unable to replicate it. In direct opposition to Jet he is motivated by instinct as opposed to logic. Jet meticulously calculates his actions, whereas Lire runs headlong into the fray, visceral claws before reasoning.

We are glad we didn’t have to experience the presence of Lire too long. Unsettling is an understatement.   A creature with neither eyes nor empathy certainly deserves our fear.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Klay Verst

At 18years of age and standing 6ft 2in tall Klay is a well-built and rather scruffy teen. He is a kindly fellow who will always go out of his way to help others.

Klay’s day job is that of a driver but he also works under Evyn as a snoop, both jobs he might excel at were it not for his love of intoxicants. He likes to smoke and is often seen puffing on dubious looking hand-rolled cigarettes.

It has been noted that he has a tendency to daydream and possesses an inept talent for knowing when things are about to happen a few minutes before the event occurs, which is incidentally about the same amount of time it takes him to process the thought.

A totally harmless and lovable lad, Klay’s biggest flaw is an irritating obsession with fluffing his beloved fringe. He is not generally vain but loves his hair so much that even strangers twitch with an incited urge to grab a pair of scissors and chop the lot off.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mathias O'Mahryn

Appearing to be 51 and standing a mere 5ft 1in tall Mathias is the proud father of young Tomor and is the last pillar of strength to their family ranch. 

A sole survivor he tries not to press the strain of family responsibility onto Tomor. The O’Mahryn household is one of wealth and great prestige. Generations have cultivated their farm and backed their name. The O’Mahryn farm is always first choice to those with money. They can breed any kind of wyvern, be it general livestock, or for warring, for riding or for farming. What Mathias doesn’t know about breeding wyvern isn’t worth knowing.
His daughter is a master rider but sadly shares little interest in his farm. She is the heir and Mathias hopes she will outgrow her rebellious stage to take over. Mathias is patient. He is a kind father to Tomor but he doesn’t understand her. The two of them miss his wife greatly and Mathias wonders if Tomor would have been more rounded under the instruction of a woman.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Loehn Weylin

Really could use a good hug.

Literally the under-dog; or in this case I guess we could coin the phrase ‘under-wolf.’ He’s bottom of the pack, lowest rank of pecking order amongst his peers and willing to take the flack. 

Standing 5ft 6in tall and at the nice rounded age of 40 Loehn is a both a devout and sorry soul.
As with all Sages, he lives by oath and is a pious follower of his religion.  Tasked with spreading belief, the ultimate goal of any Sage is to gather supporters for either Lukas or Evyn.
Loehn obeys the word of Lukas without question; he wasn’t preened or goaded into this decision it is simply what he believes. 

Sages desire to give hope to lost souls and therefore usually spend a lot of time either wandering in the wilderness or tentatively treading the seediest parts of inner cities. Their aim is not untoward, they are usually men and women of kind hearts who wish to help the needy. Loehn found solace and purpose in the stories of progression he heard pertaining to Lukas. He wants this so-called progression, he wants a better world and of course, he wants to share the idea.

It’s unfortunate that whilst a high ranking Sage Loehn is looked down upon by individuals such as Ungus and Na’Ru. The Draygun trio have a better respect for our aging wolf and oft call him to divulge information.  

Being quite softly spoken and bearing his heart on his sleeve we daren’t ask why he has fresh clumps of missing fur and scars across his face. We hope the injuries are from a dragon and not a punishment from relating incorrect information to the ‘higher-ups.’ That we had to wish anyone was attacked by a dragon speaks volumes we’d rather not hear.